Household Furniture

Our Household Furniture (Dinning Set, Sofa, TV stand, Wardrope, Kitchen Cabinets, Bed, Table etc) are made from 100% locally sourced materials WITH 36 MONTHS GUARANTEE

Sofa (Royal/Executive)

Dinning Sets

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Nigerians, let us curb our craze and insatiable desire and appetite for foreign made goods and services and grow our economy. Have you taken a look at the first car ever produced in the world and compared it to the sophistication of today's cars? They continued to improve over time until they got to where they are today. Let us encourage our local manufacturers. They have improved significantly over time. Importation of virtually everything (including furniture) is stiffening our economy and putting a lot of stress and pressure on our currency. Let us be patriotic. Let us buy Made-in-Nigeria furniture. Abytech Ventures Limited has advanced in furniture making as you can see from our products displayed here. We have our presence in over 60 institutions of higher learning across the country. Trust us with your furniture needs. You will not be disappointed.

Director - Abytech Ventures Limited